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Why Dr. Kevin Yip

Dr Kevin Yip, is physician specializing in back pain treatment, disc problem and spinal pain treatment, with 21 years of experience in treating various kinds of sports and Orthopaedic problems. Back pain is a very common physical problem, affecting people from all age groups. There are different symptoms and causes of back pain and it is very important that you should consult your back pain specialist immediately if back pain stay for more than one week.

Back Pain Victims

People who have improper sitting and standing posture are mostly the victims of back pain. Pregnant women are also at the risk of back pain during pregnancy. Sportsmen and people who do regular exercise which requires bending of back also become victims of back pain. Patients with congenital anomalies at the back are at higher risk of back pain. Injuries in back due to some accidents or slip discs are also very painful and may require surgery in extreme cases.

Back Pain Causes

Major causes of lower back pain are stretching of the ligaments, tendons, and/or muscles of the lower back. Nerves impingement of the lumbar spine causes mechanical pressure and continuous irritation which causes back pain. Problematic Congenital bone and joint conditions also gives birth to back pain.

What We Offer

At our clinic, we perform various diagnostic tests on the patients to check the level of problem. In most of the cases our focus is towards providing non-surgical treatment to our patients. If need arises we perform surgery after doing all the medical tests of the patients to give best possible back pain treatment in Singapore.

Back Pain Treatment

For mild cases Heat or cold compresses application is initially done. During treatment and few weeks after treatment it is advisable and recommended to stay away from exercises which put your back under strain. Heat, massage, ice, and electrical stimulation are proven to be effective in decreasing low back pains or lumbar pains.

We Care You

Dr Kevin Yip and his team of back pain experts treat patients as their own family members and each of the back pain, slip disc patients gets personal attention and all the facilities required in treatment and recovery from back pain surgery. Get rid of irritating back pain, get relief.

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