General Orthopaedic Procedure

  1. Knee arthroscopy & meniscectomy
  2. Knee arthroscopy & anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
  3. Shoulder arthroscopy and decompression
  4. Removal of support implant
  5. Knee replacement
  6. Repair of trochanteric fracture
  7. Repair fracture of radius (bone)/ulna
  8. Repair of trochanteric fracture
  9. Debridement of skin/muscle/bone/fracture
  10. Knee arthroscopy repair of both menisci
  11. Hip replacement
  12. Laminectomy
  13. Shoulder arthroscopy/distal clavicle excision
  14. Repair of rotator cuff tendon
  15. Lumbar spinal fusion
  16. Carpal tunnel release
  17. Shoulder arthroscopy and debridement
  18. Repair fracture of the distal part of radius
  19. Low back intervertebral disc surgery
  20. Incise finger tendon sheath
  21. Repair of ankle fracture (fibula)
  22. Repair of femoral shaft fracture
  23. Repair of femoral neck fracture
  24. Repair of ankle fracture (bimalleolar type)

Knee arthroscopy and chondroplasty

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