• Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
  • Cartilage defect
  • Cartilage Transplant
  • Correction of Malalignment (Crooked legs / Bow Legs)
  • Chondromalacia Patellae
  • General Knee & Lower Limb surgery
  • Knee pain & osteoarthritis
  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • Knee Ligament Injury and Reconstruction
  • Knee Replacement – Unicondylar & Patellofemoral
  • Keyhole Knee Surgery
  • Meniscus repair and injury treatment
  • Meniscus Transplant
  • Stabilization of Patella (Knee Cap)
  • Total Knee Replacement

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  1. Background: Left knee pain for more than 8 days and still in pain at the present moment. No trauma.

    Radiology Procedure: Knee X-Ray, Left AP and Lateral

    My X-ray report from SengKang Polyclinic on 27 January 2014 has stated that there is mild to moderate tricompartmental osteoarthritis of the left knee joint. The infrapatellar fat pad is preserved. Neither acute bony injury nor focal bone destruction is detected. There is neither callus formation nor periosteal reaction demonstrated.

    1) I would like to know rough estimation the medical cost to rectify the problem which I guess need to involve surgery.

    2) Rough estimation the duration of waiting time for me to do the medical procedure / rectification on my left knee. The left knee pain has impeded my mobility. The appointment date from the polyclinic is on May 7 which is too long in view of the pain.


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