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People living in Singapore often come from diverse cultural backgrounds, making for a multi-ethnic society. As an expat, you’ll enjoy Singapore’s diversity and its luxurious lifestyle. Singapore is a tax haven and it’s comfortable lifestyle is particularly popular among expats worldwide.

Let’s hear from some of our expat patients:

“Singapore is great. I’ve gotten so much more than I bargained for. I would say it’s a far better place to live in than to visit. Expats are very sad when they leave.”

—– Jennifer Price, American

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“Singapore is often described as “Asia Lite”, so if you’re coming from any large, multicultural city there shouldn’t be much culture shock. Also, thanks to its diverse population, most of the things you might get homesick for – whether it’s ice-skating or authentic Mexican food – can be found in Singapore. However, work culture is quite different than in the West, and many Singaporeans consider leaving the office at 7pm as “going home early” but think nothing of being 20 minutes late for an important meeting!”

—– Tanya Philips, Canadian

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I think one can get spoiled in Singapore, in terms, of the order, cleanliness and system that they have in-place all over the country. We come from a developing country like the Philippines, where these things are major challenges. It’s a good change.

—–Dewie: Sweet Life in Singapore

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Singapore is very different from South Africa in many ways. The initial few months certainly was a culture shock. The biggest adjustment was getting used to the weather. Singapore is very safe, clean and everything is efficient. Getting use to not having a vehicle and the public transport did take some adjustment.

—– Pierre: Eviltwin in Singapore

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I was prepared to some extent, I did read up on the cost of living and someone gave me a booklet to read and websites to visit but I was very cautious about it and didn’t know how long I would actually stay so I didn’t make any long term plans or sign any long term contracts which I think gave me more flexibility to explore my options. I stayed because it was the right choice for me and not because I was bound by anything.

—– Rara: Rare Mommy

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Out of all the places I’ve lived, Singapore is the most like the United States.

It is a tech place where apps exist for almost everything. I can locate many of my favorite products from back home (at a price) in the local grocer. Rather than fumble in an unfamiliar tongue. English is the official language. For all these reasons, I found settling in to be a breeze. I didn’t really experience culture shock with this assignment, but then again it is my third so I am a little desensitized.

—– Diana: Tale of a Trailing Spouse

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30% of our patients are mostly expat from Singapore, 30% are expat from Overseas, Indonesian and 30% are local Singaporean. We are proud to be one of the expats favorite medical clinic in Singapore and if you’re an expat who has any medical problems, Singapore Sports And Orthopaedic Clinic is the perfect place for you!