Synvisc Injection

SI1 Synvisc Injection

Synvisc knee injections, also known as Hylan G-F 20, are one of the most common types of joint lubricant injections used for the treatment of knee arthritis.

The substance used in synvisc knee injections is hyaluronan, which is a natural gel-like substance found in normal joint fluid, which lubricates the knee.

There are other hyaluronan based injections on the market, such as Hyalgan and Euflexxa which all work in similar ways, but Synvisc is generally the most popular so we will concentrate on that here. Other types of knee injections are given for pain and inflammation.

SI21 Synvisc Injection

A.Cartilage wears away B. Bone spurs may develop C. Joint fluid breaks down D. Synvisc-One replaces joint fluid

What is Synvisc Used For?

SI4 Synvisc InjectionSynvisc knee injections are used to help treatarthritis. The bones in the knee joint are lined by a layer of cartilage which cushions the joint and prevents friction. The joint also contains synovial fluid which lubricates the joint. With Arthritis, the cartilage thins and frays and the synovial fluid loses its viscosity. This causes increased friction on the knee bones which results in knee pain. Cartilage has a poor blood supply which limits the healing process.

Synvisc injections help to improve the lubrication and cushioning of the knee joint caused by thecartilage damage. They help the knee bones and cartilage to move more smoothly which reduces knee pain. It’s a bit like putting oil in your car to help lubricate it. Hyaluronan also helps to reduce inflammation which can help to protect the remaining cartilage from damage. The overall effect of this is a reduction in knee pain which leads to improved mobility and function.

Synvisc Injections tend to be given when other forms of treatment like medication and arthritis exercises are no longer working adequately.

Who is a candidate for Synvis Injection ?

Patients with knee osteoarthritis who have tried diet, exercise and over-the-counter pain medication but still have pain, should talk to their doctor to see if Synvisc-One is right for them.

How Synvisc Injection is administered ?

Synvisc-One is a single injection. It’s a simple, in-office procedure that only takes a few minutes.

What you can expect following a Synvisc-One knee injection ?

Synvisc-One can provide up to six months of osteoarthritis knee pain relief. Everyone responds differently, but in a medical study* patients experienced relief starting one month after the injection.

After the injection, you can resume normal day-to-day activities, but you should avoid any strenuous activities for about 48 hours.